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Kemit Group Academy

        E-learning, e-books, and e-courses are now the trend when it comes to online learning as a platform for the new way of education. We are now using it as a new normal during and after the COVID-19. 

        Online education do exist even before the pandemic but it wasn’t normal until COVID-19 came and online education seems to become mandatory and become our new normal. Now it has become part of our educational system.

        Kemit Group LLC is a complete one-stop-shop for background screening. We provide consulting on the integration of people, processes, technologies, and infrastructure to microprenuers, solo-prenuers, and small businesses of the future. Knowledge Engineered and Managed for Intelligent Transformation (KEMIT), now we are excited to introduce our Kemit Group Academy that will offer you different online courses.

        Kemit Group Academy is an online platform powered by Trainer Central that offers different online courses that will help business owners to grow and learn more about how to manage their business.
We have free courses and we also have paid courses that will surely help a lot of business owners, especially those who are just starting up their business. 

Here are some of our Online Courses that you can access online: